October 10, 2013


This outfit drove me crazy over the past two weeks. The idea for making these track pants started out when I saw the ones that Adrienne made and most recently Erica B and Mimi. They were stylist and looked very comfortable so right away I knew I needed a pair also. 

I chose McCalls 5889 which I believe is OOP. These pants are describe on the pattern envelope as 1 hours pull-on pants so I figure I could get away with not doing a muslin, boy was I wrong. After cutting and  sewing the pants together and trying them on I realized there were issues. First, the crotch was too long. They looked like harem pants on me. My first thought was maybe if I pulled them up and tighten the elastic waist it would look better, no it didnt. Pulling them up created a high waisted look and shortened the length of the pants which didn't work for me.  I then thought about cutting another pair, however I didn't have enough fabric left over, only had a 1/2 yard. All I could think of at this point was there goes my vision of these pants and to top it off I wasted my fabric.  I was frustrated so I left it alone for a day so I could clear my head and think of a way to make it work. 

Since I had only 1/2 yard to work with I know that I needed to length the pants and lower the waist line to make it work for me.  The first thing I did  was to lower the waist line by cutting of 2 inches which was perfect after I tried it on. The next thing I needed to do was add length to the pant legs. I decided to use the 1/2 yard by adding panels. I cut the pattern in three pieces right around the knee area. I used the middle piece of the pattern to cut four 8 inch pieces that I sewed together on each side and attach one to each leg to add length. 

I did a top stitch on the seam to give it a finished look. I added 1" elastic to bottom hemline to create the look. I lengthen it  just enough to add more fullness at the bottom that was my vision for these pants. I didn't want them too short or too close fitting. 

To complete these pants I added a elastic waist using 1 inch non-roll elastic. 

The Vest - Butterick 4684

My original plan for this outfit was a tunic top over a pair of track pants. I contructed the tunic before I made the pants. I started out cutting view E from this butterick pattern. What attracted me to this pattern was the v-neck and the side slits. Fast, easy and comfortable - It didn't work for me. Something was very off with the fit in the bust area and the v-neck. I dont know if it had something to do with the fabric I used which was a stretch gaberdine type fabric. The pattern suggest a lightweight fabric such as crepe or faille. I experienced a lot of pulling across the bust and the neckline puckered and didn't want to lay flat . I know I cut the right size based on the finished measurement, there should have been enough ease in that area.  but it just wasn't working for me. Once again I needed to make it work. I just didn't want to waste my fabric and loose my vision. After thinking about it I decide why not turn it into a vest. So I cut it straight down the front and added side panels of lace to jazz it up a bit. 

I surged all edges, stitched single fold bias tape around the arm hole and front edges,folded over and stitched it down for a clean finished look on the inside. 

Overall, I am very very satisfied with the outcome this outfit. I know that these pieces will be part of my regular rotation together or as separates match with other items in my wardrobe. I most definitely will be making these pants in the near future.  


SEWN said...

Phew! Glad you could make it work. Cute outfit!

Angela said...

Love your documentation of your thought processes here. So glad you didn't quit and throw everything away. All your changes have resulted in a gorgeous -- and very wearable -- outfit.

Sheila said...

Kudos to you on making it work and it looks good on you. Really like the lace detail on your vest.

Sewtellme said...

Hey Opal, cool make it work moment. I'm working on the same pattern now and just might take a little off the top too. Love the hair.